Hardly Working

I love my job. Part of that is for the obvious reasons, like getting to spend my days doing cool sciency stuff like messing with hazardous chemicals and working with Sparky to build high-tech gadgetry. However, some days a geek just doesn’t feel like working. Those days, I get to run around the Omniscience campus screwing off, and I get paid for it.

03-16-16_10-21-07 PM

Working, sort of

Yesterday, for example, Mr. Seymour mentioned we were a bit low on fish oil. In case you’re wondering why that even matters, it gets used as an ingredient in a lot of the stuff we make, like laxatives. Yes, we make laxatives. You’d be surprised how much science goes into efficiently flushing your colon.

To make fish oil, of course, one needs fish, so I went fishing. In the name of science, of course. It certainly wasn’t the most efficient use of my time, especially considering I am possibly the world’s worst fisherman, but I had a horrible case of the lazies, and nothing goes better with lazy than sitting around waiting for fish that probably aren’t ever going to bite.

03-16-16_10-21-58 PM

Fish Substitute

They never did, incidentally, which is fine. Reeling those suckers in takes work, which isn’t what I felt like doing. Ada was in rare form the night before and kept Wanda and me up until daybreak, so I may have dozed off once or twice waiting for fish to bite. In the end, the closest I came to catching a fish was dragging in an old box someone had once thrown in the lake. Strangely, it contained an apple which somehow, despite being underwater for God knows how long, still looked pretty edible. I’m going to have to give it to Wanda to check it out.

03-16-16_10-18-43 PM

Please don’t eat my hand

I also spent some time just wandering the grounds. I went back to the spots where I’d found Herp and Derp, the alien I’d collected at work previously, and managed to find a couple more. My co-workers still aren’t ready to admit they’re alien, but it’s starting to look to me like the spot where Omniscience is now may be a hotbed of alien activity at some point. I can’t tell for how long, though, since it turns out carbon dating doesn’t work very well on lead-based organisms.

Finally, after a hard day of doing next to nothing, it was time to head to the ferry and go home.

03-16-16_10-31-35 PM

Home Sweet Home

Things are coming along nicely there, by the way. What was once a bare patch of ground where Wanda and I had to sleep under the stars is starting to become an actual home site. I sort of figured that, if we were going to have a baby in the house, it should probably be equipped with silly luxuries like a roof. I’ve even added on a second story so Ada can have her own room when she’s ready for one. Frankly, I’m about ready for it already, but Ada’s not quite at the stage where she can navigate stairs, so the cradle will stay downstairs with Wanda and me for now.

03-17-16_10-03-09 AM

Feeding Time

That’s probably a good place for her, for the time being. Not only can we hear her cry when she starts wailing in the middle of the night, but I think if I had to navigate the stairs half-asleep multiple times a night, I’d probably end up breaking my neck.


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