I woke up this morning with a start. Still very drowsy and not quite awake, I was aware that something loud had just happened, but my sleep-addled brain refused to comprehend what it was.

03-16-16_1-53-15 PM

The wake-up call

As I approached full consciousness, I started to realize that the sound had come from the general direction of the master bathroom (which is the only bathroom, but that makes it sound much more impressive, doesn’t it?), and that the sound that had awakened me had been a scream. Then it dawned on me that it had come from Wanda.

OK, now I was awake, and thoroughly panicked. My wife and the one great love of my life was not in bed, and had just screamed from the next room. My adrenaline levels immediately shot up, and I pounced out of bed and started running for the bathroom at a full sprint.

03-16-16_1-54-01 PM

Mystery Solved

Just outside the bathroom, I almost crashed headlong into Wanda as she was coming out. Something here was obviously not the worst-case scenario I’d been running through my head, because Wanda was smiling. No, she was absolutely grinning.

“Are you OK, Wanda?” I was still panicked, but now I was also a little confused. “What happened in there?”

Wanda laughed. She was obviously fine, but a good panic mode takes some time to wear down. As it became clear to me that Wanda didn’t need to be rescued, I started shaking. Too much adrenaline with no place to go, I suppose.

“Oh, honey,” Wanda chuckled. “You’re obviously in no condition for this, but…”

She held up a small white object. It didn’t register at first since it wasn’t something with which I’ve got much first-hand familiarity… I’d actually never seen one before. It was long and thin, like a thermometer, and made of white plastic. About halfway down its length was a small window, almost like a display screen.  It had a “+” symbol on it.

I suddenly felt weak in the knees and I think I might have been about to pass out.

“Let’s get you outside,” Wanda suggested. “You look like you could use some air.”

03-14-16_3-14-02 PM

The Mommy & Daddy-to-Be

We headed to the backyard, and as soon as I felt like I could hold up my own weight again, I wrapped my arms around Wanda. I held her close for a good, long time, then kissed her neck.

“I’m going to be a father,” I said, master of the obvious that I am.

“Yes, you are, Edison. And I’m going to be a mother,” Wanda teased. “Is that an amazing coincidence or what?”

The initial shock was finally beginning to wear off, and was slowly being replaced with a million other feelings. Love. Joy. Fear. Insecurity. Pride. I just can’t describe how it feels to be told you’re about to be a parent. It’s overwhelming, and exciting, and terrifying.

Also, it looks like there’ll be a lot more construction in my very near future. This little gray box Wanda and I live in is going to need at least one more room.


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