Lounging Around

I’m really moving up in the world. Yesterday, Mr. Seymour informed me that he was promoting me to a Science Team Lead position, with a hefty raise in pay. He also insisted on buying me a drink to celebrate, so when we got off work, a bunch of us from the office headed off to the lounge down the street to knock back a few. My favorite drinking buddy, Wanda, was on duty, so I went stag.

03-14-16_11-31-50 AM

Vivian Lewis, Mr. Seymour, and Me

It may be inappropriate for a nerd to comment on how someone else dresses, but having only ever seen Mr. Seymour in a lab coat before, I was not prepared for him to show up looking like a pimp in a sombrero. But, hey, he’s my boss, so I kept my trap shut. I also kept my eyes shut to avoid being blinded by the gold sequins.

Most of the gang from work was there. Besides me and Mr. Seymour, there was Vivian Lewis and her son Eric, Eric’s wife Alice, Marta Parisi, and possibly a few others. While I have several photos of the event, after a while the drinks started kicking in and they get a bit random. Mostly of out-of-focus shots of my shoes and one particularly disturbing image of a set of genitals I’m relatively sure aren’t mine. The really horrifying thing about it, though, is that there’s something that looks a lot like a gold sequin at the bottom right of the photo. My phone is never leaving my sight again.

03-14-16_11-31-16 AM

“Watch my phone, I have to pee.”

We all had a great time. If there’s one thing better than having your dream job, it’s doing it with a bunch of people who are fun to hang around with. Maybe too fun — we were partying into the wee hours, and when I finally got my inebriated butt back home (thank God I don’t have to drive the ferry across the channel), it was almost time to get up and head back to the office.

Today, needless to say, was not the most productive day I’ve ever had.

03-13-16_10-17-40 PM

Catching some Z’s

Fortunately, the rest of the team was as tired as I was. I suspect the only reason I wasn’t busted for sleeping on the job is that anyone who might have caught me was sleeping, too.


5 thoughts on “Lounging Around

  1. Hmmm… intriguing things we’re learning about the boss!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mr. Seymour… please don’t stop being you.


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