All the Modern Conveniences

What a difference a raise makes.

03-11-16_11-58-51 AM

Bed and Breakfast

I’m not sleeping on dirt and mooching off the Bjergsens for food any more. No, now my home is stocked with the finest furnishings available. OK, maybe not the finest, but I do have an air mattress and a fridge. Yes, you heard that right, a real, functioning refrigerator/freezer. It may not be the top of the line — in fact, I think it was built in the 60’s and I got it really cheap off Craig’s List — but it allows me to buy food and keep it for more than an hour and a half without it spoiling.

Getting it up and running was a bit tricky, considering there’s no actual house here, and thus no power outlets. It turns out, though, that there are underground power lines criss-crossing the island and it was a simple matter to tap into one. I’m sure someone’s electric bill is about to go up a little, but I couldn’t tell you whose.

03-11-16_11-52-53 AM

The Master Bathroom

One thing still conspicuously missing is any kind of plumbing. I’m still having to use the bathroom bear-in-the-woods style, if you catch my drift. Catching my drift, incidentally, is something I’ve really been trying to avoid, so when I do have to do something that might… ummm… negatively impact the olfactory environment, I’ve been doing it as far away from camp as possible. That’s not always an easy thing to do, especially first thing in the morning or after a big cup of coffee.

03-11-16_11-51-46 AM

The Long March

The lack of plumbing also means that bathing is a bit of a luxury. I express my deepest condolences to anyone who has to ride the same ferry I do in the morning, because I’m not always fresh as a daisy on my way into work. It’s not easy smelling springtime fresh when your home is mostly dirt and it’s a long hike through a lot of bushes to get to the nearest toilet. It’s especially difficult in the dark, when the bushes you’re pushing through to get to the toilet might have been the toilet the night before. After a while, all those smells add up.

03-11-16_12-02-07 PM

Yeah, I know. I missed a spot.

Fortunately, there are bathrooms at Omniscience equipped with showers.  They’re there mostly in case someone has to be decontaminated, but some mornings, that’s a pretty accurate description of what I need.

There are a lot of things I love about working at Omniscience, but most mornings my favorite thing is the running water.

03-11-16_12-07-14 PM

I thought I had a tan for a moment, but it washed off.

Fortunately, it seems most of my time lately is spent either at work or at Wanda’s club. Amazingly, she doesn’t seem to have gotten sick of me dropping by to visit her at work in the evenings. I may not be getting much sleep, but it’s a trade-off I’m willing to make.

I wish those bullies from back in high school could see me now. I’ve got a great job, an intelligent, beautiful, totally amazing girlfriend…  all I’m missing now is an actual home, but that’ll come in time. In fact, I plan on breaking some ground this weekend. Wish me luck.

03-12-16_8-09-30 PM

Things look bright ahead


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