Hanging with My Homies

I’ve introduced you to Clara Bjergsen. Here’s the rest of the family.

03-10-16_5-18-43 PM

Tofu: The other off-white meat

Clockwise, starting from yours truly, that’s Sofia, Clara, Bjorn, and Elsa Bjergsen, generously sharing a meal of tofu dogs with their new neighbor. Yeah, tofu dogs. But, hey, beggars can’t be choosers. Not everyone might agree, but if you ask me, tofu beats starvation. Not by a wide margin, though.

Sofia’s the teenager. I really can’t tell you much about her since she was preoccupied with her phone for most of dinner, then withdrew to her room. The only thing I heard from her the rest of the night was the sound of bass thumping against the door from the inside.

Bjorn seems like a good guy. When I told him I was going to be working at Omniscience, he seemed really interested, and let me ramble for what seemed like hours about how much I was looking forward to the job, and when I explained a little bit about my financial situation, he told me I was welcome to drop by for dinner any time. I may just take him up on that, though hopefully not enough to turn into that annoying neighbor who never goes away.

03-10-16_5-26-59 PM

Elsa and the Unexpected Houseguest

And little Elsa… she’s just great. Sharp as a tack, that kid. She’s 10 years old and was completely fascinated that I was going to be a real, live scientist. We talked about everything from Schrodinger’s cat to the twin paradox and she was right there with me the whole time. She’s just leagues ahead of where I was at her age. I was almost feeling inadequate about it until I beat her at chess, though there’s a distinct possibility that she let me win.

They really made me feel at home, which is a great feeling when you’re a long way from any home you’ve ever known, and it’s a big empty space without so much as a toilet. The one at the Bjergsen’s is really nice, in a sort of ultra-modern Ikea kind of way.  Wait, I think I got a picture of it. Well, almost. I had to crop out most of toilet to post this one.

03-10-16_5-15-50 PM

Trust me, it’s beautiful

As I type this, most of the Bjergsens are off to bed and I’m about to head home. I’m really excited, though, and I doubt I’ll get much sleep tonight — and not just because I don’t have a bed. I just feel like I’ve opened up a door to the rest of my life, and that really great things are ahead of me. I may not be sure exactly where I’m going, or what the road is going to look like, but I feel like I’m on it.

Tomorrow morning I’ll get on the ferry that will take me into Windenburg, and to the Omniscience campus, and begin what I suppose is the first day of my adulthood. Everything I’ve done in my life has been to get me to this point, and while some people might be really nervous the night before starting a dream job, I’m not. I’m excited and optimistic and I just can’t wait.

03-10-16_5-11-26 PM

Staring at the Sea


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