The Calm Before the Storm

In my last hours of freedom before starting my job at Omniscience, I decided to take a little time to check out this island I’ll be calling home.

03-10-16_4-21-40 PM

I can dig it.

Part of my walkabout involved doing an amateur mineral survey. Everywhere I looked on the island I was finding loads of crystals and metal ore among the rocks, and collected a few samples. I even managed to pry a few gemstones from the rock, including a sapphire that’s just gorgeous. At this point, considering my finances, it’s a bit of a toss-up whether I’ll be selling them or studying my finds, but for now I’m keeping them at least until I can get them into the lab at Omniscience to analyze them further. I’m trying to think ahead: if the long term goal is to homestead my part of the island, it’d be good to know what the mineral rights are worth.

03-10-16_4-19-01 PM

Holy logs, Batman!

The wildlife on the island is really fascinating, too. There are the usual birds and insects you’d expect, but I was surprised to find little frog dens in various places around the island. Most of them were old rotten logs the little croakers had moved into. Whenever I saw one, I couldn’t help but think they were doing the same thing I was: finding some old, forgotten place away from the rest of the world and making a home out of it.

I will admit with a small degree of guilt that I snatched up a couple of the critters and brought them back with me. As much as I hated dragging the little guys away from their homes, my curiosity got the best of me.  These frogs have some of the most brilliant colors and markings I’ve ever seen, and the mad scientist in me just has to try breeding them to see what combinations emerge. So, yes, I feel bad about taking them out of the wild, but I’m going to compensate them by making sure they get as much frog booty as possible. If I was a frog, I think I’d find it an acceptable trade-off.

03-10-16_5-09-25 PM


Since part of this little adventure of mine is going to involve figuring out how to feed myself, at least until the first paycheck rolls in, I also investigated the plant life on the island. Sure, I could roast the frogs, but that would totally ruin my breeding experiment.

I sadly report that while there’s plenty of plant life capable of producing food on the island, such as a number of wild berries and a few pear trees, none of them seem to be in season. The best I was able to bring back were a few snapdragons. I can’t eat them, but they’ll make the campsite a little prettier, and I snagged a couple of seed pods so I can grow my own if the green thumb starts itching.

03-10-16_4-26-11 PM

Sergio, Joaquin, Clara and Me

Fortunately, I was able to find another potential food source. In my wanderings, I came across a few of my neighbors from the other side of the island. From the left, the folks in that picture who aren’t me are Sergio and Joaquin, who share a small place on the south side of the island, and Clara, who lives at the northwest tip with her husband and two daughters.

They seem a friendly enough bunch. Joaquin is really funny, and kept us all laughing — well, except maybe for Sergio, who seems a bit uptight to me, even if he shares my cardigan-based fashion sense. Clara was particularly welcoming, and even invited me over to their place for dinner tonight. There’s no way I was going to pass that up. Until she asked, I’d been wondering if I’d get a chance to eat anything that wasn’t amphibious before my first day on the job. It’s good to know that I won’t have to chew the legs off Kermit’s buddies to keep from wasting away, at least not for one more day.


2 thoughts on “The Calm Before the Storm

  1. Hehe I already enjoyed the first two chapters a lot. Nerds unite! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks. Edison’s been fun to write. He’s a great excuse to let my inner nerd loose. 🙂


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