Crash Landing

Greetings, fellow earthlings.

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A Nerd in the Wild

First things first: the obligatory introduction. I’m Edison. Edison Poindexter, if you’re a fan of the whole first name last name thing. Don’t think I can’t hear you chuckling. Yes, I realize many would consider it a rather unfortunate moniker, but I think the name suits me. It may be a very geeky name, but I’m a very geeky guy.

Sure, it was rough at one time of my life. If someone was going to be stuffed into a locker, duct-taped to a goal post, or shot in the back of the head with a spit wad during homeroom, it was probably going to be me. However, here’s a little secret they keep from the jocks and other assorted schoolyard rabble who like to make life for people like me a living hell: all that torture and pain pays off in the long run.

Sure, I couldn’t snag a girl to save my life back in high school, and the torment seemed endless, but it turns out that living in hell was just a temporary thing. After graduation, when most of the guys who’d been abusing me for the last four years were looking for work at fast food joints, I was sailing off to college on a full scholarship. A few years later, I was walking off campus with the diploma that would turn out to be my foot in the door at Omniscience.

03-10-16_3-09-44 PM

They like me! They really like me!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been through a series of interviews at Omniscience, and from what I can tell about the place, it’s going to be a dream job. I’ll be spending my days mixing chemicals, analyzing data, and building really cool stuff. It’s a dweeb’s paradise, and when I got the call that said I’d be starting Monday, I am not ashamed to tell you I had the world’s biggest nerdgasm.

The only real snag here is that the job’s in Windenburg. If you know the place, you probably also know that it’s a damned expensive place to live. I’ll be making some pretty decent cash at Omniscience, but right now I’m flat broke and don’t have much in the way of a safety net, like any family who can help me pay for luxuries like a roof over my head, so here’s the plan: I’m going to be doing a little long-term camping.

03-10-16_3-15-39 PM

My Fortress of Solitude

Check this out. It’s an island just outside Windenburg. While there are a few people who live on it, you’ll note the large expanse of emptiness here on the eastern shore. Not only are the views amazing, but there’s a ferry that runs from the island to Windenburg proper several times a day, and the ferry landing on the other side just happens to be very near the Omniscience campus.

I’ve done a little research and have discovered something else very interesting: the ownership records for this little plot of land are… well, they don’t seem to exist. Not only does that mean I can make camp here without worrying about someone driving me off, it also means that if I stick around long enough, I may be able to take advantage of homesteading laws to actually own the place, as long as  I fly under the radar for a few years.

It may sound like a hard life, but I’m a nerd. Quantum physics is hard. High school was hard. Gym class was really hard. This is going to be a piece of cake.


3 thoughts on “Crash Landing

  1. I really like his voice! I may have a little nerd crush on him! :3

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  2. Great start! Edison is adorable, I’ve always had a thing for geeks 🙂

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